Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music Up

Music Up ), also known as Crazy for the Song, is the first Chinese animation idol TV series in China. It was distributed by Shanghai Animation Film Studio and produced by Welkin-Animation.


This is the first animation production from China with an emphasis on the life of singers, bands and . It is the first high budget domestic Chinese animation that lean close to Japanese anime materials. Production investment is estimated to be 18 million . In 2001 66% of its profits came from selling merchandise related to the series.


Four young teenage boys share a common vision and passion for music. They come together overlapping their own personalities and ideas. In the process, they encounter a lot of difficulties as any youth might have. The story is unfolded as the band grows up. Academic, personal conflicts, family, friendship and emotional problems are all intertwined. With the help of teachers, students, and friends they try to achieve their dreams.


The TV series was not as successful as expected, but the associated merchandise of books, cards, CDs were extremely popular among teenagers in China. The book series sold 350,000 copies in Shanghai alone. A video game was released in 2002 by titled "Music Up - Summer Rainbow".

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