Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tortoise Hanba's Stories

Tortoise Hanba's Stories is a large scale - Chinese animation TV series in China. It is also referred to as "The Story of Hanbagui" or "Hanbagui".


The show was produced by "Shenzhen Toonring Animation" in Shenzhen with an estimated final budget of 30 million RMB . It has completed 52 episodes by the 2nd half of 2006, and is projecting 500 episodes over the next few years.


The first 52 episodes called “Falling on the Earth” tells how “Hanbagui”, the turtle, comes across the teenagers “Abu”, “Annie”, “Siaomei” on earth and makes friends with them. He goes looking for his lost fellows “Baobaoxiong”, “Tiejiaxiaozi”, “Baizhangtia", “Baijingling”, “Qixingpiao”. It is a comedy.

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